A Pack Of Cigarette

Remembering the first time I took that white stick in my hand,

Like a drummer hold stick in a band.

I wish that day didn’t exist,

I am sorry, I couldn’t resist.

 It gave sadness, emptiness and obsession,

This taught my life’s crucial lesson.

With the pack of cigarettes,

That day I still regret.

How silly I was that I used to brag,

With shallow puffs and every drag;

It soon became my need,

And I never paid my studies any heed;

I thought I am doing well,

I didn’t know I was drowning in well;

With everyday passing I smoked like chimney,

And feeling everyday like I was dreaming.

I wanted to quit.

Because I felt like shit.

But how I didn’t know,

Addiction and cravings made me frown.

I wanted to get over it,

Because I wanted to stay fit

I loved my life and that’s all I chose.

I tried to overcome the feeling of gross,

I will quit smoking that’s all I get.

No matter how much trouble I met.

After all the tension and stress I have gone through,

I am proud of myself and the person I grew.


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