An Unemployed Engineer

With big dreams in my eyes,

I paid for it heavy price,

Seeing expectations of my parents,

I felt like jumping from terrace.


With every day passing by

I wanted to try all possibilities

I became restless being standby

And due to burden of my responsibilities

To find a job like everyone

But it was hard for me to find one.


I wanted my parents to feel proud,

I didn’t know I became part of crowd

Trying to find destination

But I didn’t know next station


In the rat race to make a ‘career’,

There was no reason for me to cheer;

Yes, I am an unemployed engineer,

The one who has doubts and fear;

With panics and insecurities,

How am I supposed to deal with anxieties?


The circumstances I am in

Due to negligence I am crying

How can I blame anyone?

Regretting for blunder I have done.



I still hope that something will work out

I still hope that something will turn out

I still hope to find way out of my unrest

I still hope to reach summit of my Everest.


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