I Feel More Alive

Sitting at the corner of the room,

As quite as child in mother’s womb;

Feeling the queen of my own cocoon,

By locking myself in the room.

Enjoying every minute of my solitude,

Avoiding people with false attitude;

So what? I have few friends,

Having lot of them is maybe new trend.

Having train of thoughts is my new addiction,

And silence is my meditation.

Being Busy in contemplating people around me,

And listening to symphonies of wind in trees;

Watching the beauty of nature outside of my window,

I love the tranquility of meadow,

Chirping of birds and buzzing of bugs

Are my new-found music.

Feeling the coziness and warm,

And watching swimming in air of glow-worm.

Loving every second of my life,

I feel more alive.


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