I Feel More Alive

Sitting at the corner of the room,

As quite as child in mother’s womb;

Feeling the queen of my own cocoon,

By locking myself in the room.

Enjoying every minute of my solitude,

Avoiding people with false attitude;

So what? I have few friends,

Having lot of them is maybe new trend.

Having train of thoughts is my new addiction,

And silence is my meditation.

Being Busy in contemplating people around me,

And listening to symphonies of wind in trees;

Watching the beauty of nature outside of my window,

I love the tranquility of meadow,

Chirping of birds and buzzing of bugs

Are my new-found music.

Feeling the coziness and warm,

And watching swimming in air of glow-worm.

Loving every second of my life,

I feel more alive.


An Unemployed Engineer

With big dreams in my eyes,

I paid for it heavy price,

Seeing expectations of my parents,

I felt like jumping from terrace.


With every day passing by

I wanted to try all possibilities

I became restless being standby

And due to burden of my responsibilities

To find a job like everyone

But it was hard for me to find one.


I wanted my parents to feel proud,

I didn’t know I became part of crowd

Trying to find destination

But I didn’t know next station


In the rat race to make a ‘career’,

There was no reason for me to cheer;

Yes, I am an unemployed engineer,

The one who has doubts and fear;

With panics and insecurities,

How am I supposed to deal with anxieties?


The circumstances I am in

Due to negligence I am crying

How can I blame anyone?

Regretting for blunder I have done.



I still hope that something will work out

I still hope that something will turn out

I still hope to find way out of my unrest

I still hope to reach summit of my Everest.

The Sorrow Of Triple Talaq

Talaq, Talaq, Talaq

The three words which ruined women’s life

Being left in the middle of journey in dark

Remember for god’s sake, she’s your wife

Even if its small quarrel or fight

You abandon her like string cut suddenly of kite


And then out of nowhere, you want her back

Making her go through ‘Nikah halala’ is sad

Also being human how can you do that?

And also being husband how can you be so mad?

A Pack Of Cigarette

Remembering the first time I took that white stick in my hand,

Like a drummer hold stick in a band.

I wish that day didn’t exist,

I am sorry, I couldn’t resist.

 It gave sadness, emptiness and obsession,

This taught my life’s crucial lesson.

With the pack of cigarettes,

That day I still regret.

How silly I was that I used to brag,

With shallow puffs and every drag;

It soon became my need,

And I never paid my studies any heed;

I thought I am doing well,

I didn’t know I was drowning in well;

With everyday passing I smoked like chimney,

And feeling everyday like I was dreaming.

I wanted to quit.

Because I felt like shit.

But how I didn’t know,

Addiction and cravings made me frown.

I wanted to get over it,

Because I wanted to stay fit

I loved my life and that’s all I chose.

I tried to overcome the feeling of gross,

I will quit smoking that’s all I get.

No matter how much trouble I met.

After all the tension and stress I have gone through,

I am proud of myself and the person I grew.

A Request

Today, I want to make a request,
To all the human beings in interest;
Look what have we done to all women up there,
We will not get scared of your stare;
Don’t think you will be spared,
We are here everything to be cared.
We all are responsible for this,
And equally involved for women’s bruise;
Women are the creator of this world,
Should be saved like pearl;
Their dignity is at stake,
Now is the time for us to awake;
We don’t want any other violence or rape
Or sexual assault or child abuse, what difference can our silence make?
We need to teach every pervert a lesson,
If not they will wander free with pride and fashion;
Today, I want to make a request,
To all the human being in interest;
Respect every person’s dignity and pride,
In spite of them being women or men or child;
Rape or violence or abuse or assault,
I don’t think any one person is at fault;
We let our humanity and civilization down,
By stealing their self-esteem like stealing queen’s crown;
Don’t let this happen in any city or town,
We can’t let human race to sink or drown;
Into the sea of shamelessness,
And into the bog of brazenness;
Today, I want to make a request,
To all the human beings in interest;
Please don’t think women are weak,
They can kick ass of any freak;
They are also strong and fearless,
Don’t you dare to be careless;
If you think you can satisfy your sexual craving,
By doing mean acts of violence and raping;
You can’t fill your emptiness by humiliating,
You will get the punishment for disgracing;
Don’t question victim’s integrity,
You will be reprimanded for your plausibility;
Today, I want to make a request,
To all the human beings in interest;
Educate your children about bad touch,
It will not take time as such;
Make them brave and courageous,
Making them face like outrageous;
How can we let our kids to bear this pain?
How can we be that insane?
Protecting your children can’t be disdain,
Don’t make them feel like coward in any street or lane;
It’s your duty to save your child from fright,
Stand by them in the fight;
Today, I want to make a request,
To all the human beings in interest;
Lesbian or gay or bisexual or transgender they are,
Consider them as humans not aliens coming from far;
Abusing them and hating them will not do any good,
In fact all these things make you rude;
Attacking them and stabbing them will only make you bad,
Don’t do things which can make humankind sad;
Love and care is what you should add,
Pretending to support them is our latest fad;
Face the reality of yourself someday,
You may find happiness in supporting them one day.
Today, I want to make a request,
To all the human beings in interest.